What Is Smart Technology All About?

robothandHey, thanks for stopping by.  My name is Brad Breezer and let’s cut straight to the chase.  I’m considered to be sort of “geeky”.  I never really saw myself that way until my brother Doug and others started telling me that the stuff I was interested in was nerdy and geeky.  Know what I told them?  “Whatever.  Being geeky never really hurt anyone.  Plus I get to appreciate a lot of cool stuff that will gradually change our lives positively”.  My brother is pretty chill though.  Once I get on a tangent about the latest gadget or discovery I can tell that he is genuinely interested in whatever it is that I’m going on about.

So, as you can imagine, this site is about the “geeky” stuff… gadgets, gizmos, inventions, discoveries, and whatever else that makes a nerd tick.  Every since I could remember I’ve been into gaming, playing with computers, inventions, comics… whatever.

Years ago, a friend and I skipped school twice to go to a science fair that was happening at our local museum.  I know, who skips school to go to the museum.  Our parents weren’t thrilled about it either.  We were grounded for about a month but it was definitely worth it.  There was this 3D spaceship simulator at the science fair that was only open to the public during the time that we were supposed to be in school.  For us there was only one option, skip school at least two days and go check out the simulator.

In college, it was nothing for me to go days without eating or sleeping properly because I would spend every free moment that I had in the computer lab building and programming computers.  I came a long way since then but still, those were some of my best college times when I look back on them.

In terms of computers though, it hasn’t been a big surprise to me the strides the world has made.  Computers and technology have become an integral part of our lives and I knew we were headed in that direction.  Of course there are certain trade offs we must have to allow technology to be intertwined so tightly in our society but no one can deny that instant information has been one of the best results of having technology in our lives.

It has gotten to the point now that if you live with immediate access to computers, almost any question that you can think of can be answered in a matter of seconds.  Gone are the times where we would have to wait for the library to open so that we can spend a few hours researching a question.

But what other advancements has the world made in terms of technology directly and as a result of technology?  Well, this site will explore these questions and many others.  Enjoy the ride.