It’s Less Expensive In The Long Run

teslaWe’re still going with our discussion of electric cars.  As I mentioned before, I can go on and on about a subject that I find important and this is indeed one of them. Electric cars have become an important part of our country’s future.

So let’s keep moving and discuss the cost comparison of a conventional car against an electric car.  As we know, our conventional cars run on gasoline and whether we want to believe it or not, gas HAS to increase in price.  I heard the simplest explanation about why gas has to increase in price from my girlfriend’s brother Paul and what he said made perfect sense.  He has a tree cutting service in Seattle and we were talking about why he was slowly starting to change out his company’s conventional cars for electrical ones.

Paul said that there was a large amount of oil in the Earth but there isn’t an infinite supply of it.  Just like a glass that’s filled with water, if you keep sipping and sipping, eventually the glass is going to be empty.  The same thing applies to our natural resource, oil.  If we continue to drill and drill and drill eventually the oil is going to run out.  As the oil runs out, “supply and demand” will take over.  Basic economics teaches us this.  If there is a big demand for a limited amount of “something” then the sellers of that “something” will sell to the highest bidder.

Not only will the owner have to bear the burden of the ever increasing cost of gasoline with conventional cars but there is also the cost of overall car maintenance.  After driving a certain distance, a car needs to be taken to a service center where they change the engine oil, coolant, wiper fluid, brake fluid, oil filter, etc. and check for basic wear and tear. This is usually a minimal cost for the overall upkeep of the car but can cost a considerable amount of money if there is a serious problem that needs to be tended to.

In an electric car however, this cost is much less. Firstly, an electric car doesn’t need to taken to a service center that often.  The number of parts to be checked in an electrical car are considerably much less than in a conventional car as there are fewer moving parts.   Also, electric cars have minimal heating problems so the use of coolants are also much less. The motor is often brushless and that provides zero friction which helps to preserve the engine’s life. You can definitely argue that it’s quite expensive to replace the battery pack but in its defense, the battery has a long recharge cycle and that means that you will only have to replace the battery pack after so many years. The cost of fuel of an electric car when compared to an internal combustion engine is 1/10th or even less depending on the location of electric tariffs.

After having said all of that, if you talk to a group of people, the overall cost of electrical cars isn’t really the most attractive aspect of the car. People genuinely like the idea of driving a car that doesn’t add pollutants to the environment. With millions of cars burning billions of gallons of gasoline each year, the earth is steadily getting destroyed.

Electric cars run on electricity however, there is no point if this electricity is obtained by conventional means. Therefore, smart manufacturers are opting for non conventional ways to produce energy. The modern electric industry is faced with several norms that make it mandatory for them to integrate other ways to produce electricity. Solar energy, hydel power and wind energy are a few that are effectively used. This lowers the carbon emissions and when electric cars use this electricity it is used in a more efficient way.  Companies are starting to catch on and they see the positive effects this alternative form of transportation can have on the planet.

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